Mornington Peninsula Vineyard Landscape

The Staindl Wines Philosophy

It is a truism that if you produce the best possible fruit from the site then the winemaker’s whole brief is to let that fruit best express itself in its purest form. Wine making becomes an exercise in how not to mess it up.

We have a lot of fun making our wines. We have a lot of fun grazing our heifers in the winter to mow our grass and keep our vineyard in shape and provide the necessary poo for our compost heaps. We have a lot of fun going through the growing season and wondering as nature first produces little bud bursts of green leaves, then flowers, then bunches of little green peas which eventually turn into deep black berries to be finally handpicked by our friends and devotees, to then be transported to the winery and fermented into this magical liquid called wine.

We hope you enjoy a bottle of our wine as much as we enjoy making it.