Drinking in history (2018 is looking pretty good)

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With the winter break, we've been reflecting on the past, and how much we've evolved since, say, 2018.

A wonderful thing about wine - and being a winemaker - is that a good bottle tells you everything about its experience. What it endured, how it was treated; if it suffered or...thrived.
You're drinking in history. From a bottle.

That's something worth thinking about - or, perhaps, drinking to.

The talented folk at Griit Studio took some moody photos of our '18 Pinot Noir recently. We think they're evocative and reflective of the warming 'vibes' much needed this chilly winter in Victoria.

As shared in the descipton below, 2018 was a year of contrasts. Not a patch on the years to follow it. But that's the beauty of looking back, you never know what's around the corner until it's here.

You can read below how our little piece of history was made that year. Or even drink to it. It's starting to look pretty good now.

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