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Paul sticks his schnozz in a glass of pinot noir

At 17 years old, Paul Staindl drank his first glass of Pinot Noir. 10 years later he tried burgundy wines from France. Hooked, he realised there was more bad burgundy than good. Still the inspiration lingered and he sought the makers creating something special with the elusive and beguiling grape variety. 

Fast forward some decades, Paul and Juliet Staindl started thinking seriously about Pinot Noir in Australia. This led to a long quest to produce an example of a wine which would satisfy their dream of putting their stamp on a bottle. 

Paul started by working vintages with Phillip Jones of Bass Phillip, co-creating the label Domain Phillip Jones together for a number of years. Following this he gained first-hand experience on French soil assisting in two vintages with makers in the Burgundy region. He particularly noted a similarity in approach to wine making - not a difference - yet, he noted, Australian wines were so different!

Now, with a vineyard of 7 acres and enduring constant learning-curves, they travel to Burgundy each year to observe and taste. Paul and Juliet know their wines can't be burgundian, but they also know that if they watch closely, they could make wine that represents its site terroir - one which reflects the micro climate delivering the fruit.

Working alongside the family, Adam Irish is Staindl Wines' chief viticulturist. Since 2005 he has embraced and helped shaped the label's biodynamic principles. He is never happier than when he is in the tractor spraying out the biodynamic 'Formula 500' mix or milk sprays which help avoid the mildews. Adam manages the dense vine plantings (6000 vines ph) and low canopy (300ml fruiting wires) by zipping down the rows on a battery-powered Topscoot imported from France to save aging backs. From there he prunes, shoot thins, butt rubs and cleans the crowns. 

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