Smudge Eats features Staindl Wines

Just as no two wines are exactly the same, no two grapes are either. This is readily apparent at Staindl Wines, where owners Paul and Juliet Staindl lovingly work with their vineyards to produce the purest pinot noirs, rieslings, and chardonnays possible. In the winery’s view, this means biodynamic farming practices and minimal winemaking intervention.

The Staindl property is reminiscent of a classic, working farm. Ducks and chickens run around in a muddy yard, lavender and citrus trees grow, and heifers chomp on the grass between the vineyard rows. Paul and Juliet bought the property in 2003 after successful careers in the field of law, and Paul describes himself as a “lawyer by training, wine drinker by choice.”

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